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Buy Quality Sponsored Articles & Sponsored Reviews for Your Website, Products or Services and Get Traffic & Buzz.
  1. Increase your website traffic by attracting direct visitors from a highly targeted audience.
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  4. Get honest and constructive feedback from professional reviewers and their audiences.
  5. Price per sponsored article/review starts at $5. Advertisers decide how much to pay.

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How It Works?



A match is made

An advertiser adds a campaign and selects the preferred blogs. The selected bloggers are notified & cofirm interest.

Bloggers work 

Bloggers write articles & publish them on their blogs. The advertiser approves them. Once articles are approved, bloggers are paid.

  • Direct Traffic
  • Branding & Buzz
  • Search Engine Traffic

Advertiser reaps benefits and is happy!

Articles are published on a permanent basis - for life. We offer a 1-year quarantee that if the post disappers from the blog, we will refund you.

Our Intelligent Features


PageRank blog filter

You can easily filter blogs with minimum required PageRank.


Quality of blogger

We determine the quality of bloggers using an inteligent alghoritm.


Links checking

We are automatically check sponsored articles & reviews for your links.


Automatic refund

If blogger do not publish post on time, money are automatically refunded.


Multi orders at once

You can order hundreds of posts using our simple interface.


Periodic checks

We verify that published posts remain on the blogs for at least 1 year.


Chat with bloggers

You can ask bloggers to modify written articles according to your needs.


Choose tone of post

Do you want your reviews to be only positive? No problem.

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