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Make Money Blogging. Earn Cash by Writing Posts and Reviews, then Publishing Them on Your Blogs or Websites.
  1. Earn thousands of dollars by writing website, product or service reviews.
  2. Publish articles, posts and reviews on your own blog/website and earn money for it.
  3. Increase your blog´s readership by providing high-quality articles for your audience.
  4. New highly targeted content will drive up your search traffic. We´ll teach you how to write.
  5. We will pay you from $5 to $1000 per published blog post according to your blog´s quality.

How It Works



Matches made

Advertisers adds their campaign and selects the preferred blogs. The selected bloggers are notified & confirm interest.

Bloggers work

Bloggers write articles, posts, and reviews according to the advertisers orders, then publish them on their blogs and websites. 

Verified published posts are paid

Once you provide URLs of your posts, the advertiser approves them or provides remarks. Payments for approved posts are credited, and when your balance is $50 or more, you can request payout.

Our Intelligent Features


Set-up what you like

We will show you only requests that fit your blog settings best. 


Topics of your blog

Select which topics you want to write about on your blogs to keep quality.


Blogger quality

If you publish on time, you get positive scores >> more work for you.


Honesty option

If you do not want to write reviews in a biased, positive tone, you can disable it.


Multiple blogs

We love bloggers with many blogs and help you manage them in bulk.


Tips and tricks

We provide tips and tricks for writing better quality and more popular articles.


Transparent prices

The price for every post has a fixed rate for easy calculation of cost in advance.


Payouts online

We can send your pay outs online through Moneybookers, with no fees!

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